Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ok here is the deal. Nobody cares about your online business....until you care about people. Think this one through and you will know it to be true. Think about all the truly ridiculously popular businesses, online and offline, and you will see people develop a passion for any venture, because hey, the product or service or entity provides some massive benefit, which fits someone's needs, and of course, you have a serious fan base right there, eager to eat up these massive benefits. The main issue with most people who pay for leads, or views, is this; they do nothing else to grow their online business. They try to buy success, and if you just throw money at your business you will never gain the trust necessary to absolutely turn lukewarm fans into stark-raving fanatics, or to even turn a skeptical potential buyer into a....well....buyer. (BTW I did not travel to Peru - image above - by paying for page views)

You Need Something Else

You need something else to captivate your potential prospects, and this something else is not paid views. It is funny; I just saw an ad touting a massive number of paid views on youtube, etc, and I thought it through, and really, if people paying for views would think it through, they would realize how assinine, and how expensive, this technique is, and the fools would stop paying. Why? If you are paying for a view you are bribing for a view, and if people are getting paid to view, they do not care about you, and they are likely not at all interested in your product, or service, and yep, you just wasted money trying to boost your online rep, but unfortunately, numbers do not buy your online business products, people do, and people, not numbers, grow your business, and well....you get it by now.

OK, Back to that Something Else

Trust, it is called. People get to know, like and trust you, when you help people. People get to know, like and trust you, when you write helpful blog posts and provide helpful videos to people, and when they know, like and trust you, yep you guessed it, these folks buy your stuff or join your team, and both parties prosper, and there you have it, online success.

Do Not Give In

Do not give in to the easy temptation to buy views, because you will waste your money, because you cannot buy social proof. These people will not support you through thick and thin, they are hired guns, or actually, hired blanks. Nope, these people will not be the foundation for your fan page. Loyal fans show up because you gave them something - value - and when you give away value, you become valuable in the eyes of your prospects. This is the quick and simple way to really grow your online business, and you would be stunned at how much more fun you can have by creating value for people who stop by, eat it up, become crazy fans, and spread the word about your venture. Ryan Biddulph helps you prosper online and he travels the world too.

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